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Mobility is one of the greatest challenges and at the same time one of the greatest opportunities in our time. By efficiently managing your fleet, your employees and your company assets, you can achieve a drastic increase in efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

We support you with various technologies in the fields of tracking, sensor monitoring and employee management.

With our solutions, almost all logistical processes such as deliveries, repairs, construction projects, material consumption or general customer visits can be optimized and documented, all in a uniform system and data structure.

You are always informed about your fleet, its material consumption and the position of your employees by using our various tracking solutions for every application. And with our WFM (WorkForce Management) mobile application you are able to plan your employees at any time and also inform them about their next tasks at any time.

WFM replaces order lists in paper form and transfers them into a digital form. Orders, assignments and jobs can be planned digitally and flexibly by you and your employees.

In addition, WFM increases the efficiency, documentation and reaction time of your employees in the familiar environment of their Smartphones. All this is completely flexible and adaptable to your work processes, with further possible use of captured / recorded information in other software such as your SAP or our own diverse reporting tools.

We understand digitalization as transformation, the conversion of old work processes into the digital world, enhanced by functions that only a digital platform can offer you.

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