Poland has now established itself as a reliable location for IT and software services. Our development partner CSHARK, with over 220 of its own employees, stands out in particular and has excellent references, especially in the financial sector. CSHARK and VecCtor work together on the development of VecCtor's digital hub SER.Gate® and the framework DNA based on it.

German Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe in terms of revenue. VecCtor has been included by Deutsche Telekom in its start-up program "TechBoost Grow", where it is given the opportunity to offer its solutions via the Open Telekom Cloud and to use the extensive support network for customer care.

VecCtor's solutions have already been awarded by Deutsche Telekom at DIGITAL X NORTH 2019 in the category Digital Processes and Organizations", as well as once again with the DIGITAL X North Award 2020 in the category "Digital Processes and Organizations".

Lübecker Wachunternehmen

Since its foundation in 1904, the Lübeck-based security company has been offering security services from Lübeck on a regional and national level. VecCtor supports this with technical solutions, for example specially designed hardware and software. This was under the predecessor company CProjekt since 2004 and also continued after the foundation of VecCtor.

House of Logistics and Mobility (Frankfurt HOLM)

HOLM in Frankfurt am Main is an innovation hub for mobility, logistics and aviation, in which major corporations such as Fraport, Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Post are also involved. VecCtor has been included in HOLM's Start - Up program and contributes to the concepts of the future with its innovative solutions.


The BVMW is Germany's largest network of entrepreneurs, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. VecCtor has been very active in the BVMW since the mid-2018 and takes advantage of the networking opportunities and the numerous top-class information events, including through its own organized events.

Hamburg Aviation

The Aviation Cluster Hamburg Aviation deals with all topics around suppliers, aircraft manufacturers and service providers in the aviation industry. VecCtor actively participates in networking and events and contributes its know-how as well as its concepts in the field of integrated digitization, data collection and future technologies such as AR, VR and AI.

unival group

The unival group, with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, is a global provider of industrial and public security services. unival has set itself the goal of meeting the individual requirements of its customers with the help of high German security standards. VecCtor supports unival with software solutions for networking various security-relevant information and systems


The Austrian provider icomedias offers flexible, digital forms with legally valid digital signatures in accordance with European guidelines (eIDAS, 910/2014).. icomedia's solutions are integrated into VecCtor's digital hub SER.Gate®, not only to digitize all work processes with forms but also to never lose sight of the employees' needs for a simple, easy-to-use solution.