"Everyone is talking about digitization, but the basics are not there yet!"

That is our conviction.

In a complicated, networked, fast-moving world, it is increasingly important to be able to manage and use all data in a centralized manner. And also put people and their abilities in the foreground once again. This is still almost never the case.

This is where VecCtor would like to help. Assisted by our digital hub SER.Gate, which centralizes and distributes all data or with the ecosystem built around it.

Because that is our other conviction, that no single solution will be able to cover all the needs of a customer, especially when it comes to international business relations.

Creating such a uniform data structure is even more important with regard to future technologies such as AI, VR or AR. These technologies will not be able to solve all problems at once. They will only be able to provide advantages in an integrated, flexible interaction of all possible technical processes and data

Digitization supports people and companies in making work, processes and communication faster, more efficient and safer than using analog technology and processes.

For companies, digitization is above all important to:

  • reduce costs for work processes
  • relieve employees of less important tasks and make them available for their core tasks
  • conserve resources
  • develop new business areas

In the simplest case, digitization means, for example, replacing paper forms with digital forms on a tablet PC or Smartphone. This makes the data available quickly and everywhere at any time, so that work can be done more efficiently and protected against loss and spying. And this is secured in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

But digitization can do a lot more. The entire workflow as well as the complete workforce, asset and alarm management of a company can be controlled and optimized digitally. Processes that run in parallel and multiple times can be simplified through digital networking and run much more economically and quickly.

With its customized digital solutions, VecCtor offers companies the opportunity to professionally accompany and shape the digital transformation of corporate processes. In doing so, VecCtor focuses on integrating the digital solution into the company's existing infrastructure in order to avoid isolated solutions and ensure the shortest possible return on investment.

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